22 SEO Mistakes to Avoid & Increase the Traffic to Your Website

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SEO (search engine optimization) is in high demand these days because of its ability to bring dashing results. However, the techniques require time, and making mistakes can increase it. Creative Codec – one of the best providers of SEO services in Delhi – brings you, top-notch SEO consultants, to avoid all these mistakes and speed up the process of search engine optimization.

Let’s get into the details.

Check Out 22 Most Common Mistakes That Inexperienced SEO Consultants Might Make.

1. Low-quality backlinks

Every SEO consultant knows how essential the quantity of backlinks is when it comes to off-page SEO.

Many website owners and SEO agencies these days opt for buying cheap packages of dozens of backlinks which are pretty quick to get results and affordable.

But if the quality of these websites that you may get backlinks from isn’t at par, you might experience more harm than good.

The negative impact can be because:
● The backlink site is penalized.
● The backlink site has a low domain authority.
● There were too many backlinks made in a short time frame.

2. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is not only wrong for Google bots but also for humans.
You don’t want content stuffed with keywords that irritate the reader.

Google’s current use of LSI ( latent semantic indexing), ensures related keywords get more priority than direct ones.

So, instead of stuffing the same words, you can use naturally related keywords.

Doing this improves your search results for the users. Thus, helping you get in the good eyes of Google.

Here’s an example. For the keyword, “SEO services in Delhi” use natural phrases like “we are now having our SEO office in Delhi too” or “tailored SEO services for all your businesses in Delhi”.

3. Mediocre content

Google helps to rank those who care to put up all the useful knowledge related to a topic and serve the readers the best possible version of the content.

Because if users get all that they need in one place, they wouldn’t need to look further.

So, create long-form articles that answer every question that the user might have. It will help to rank higher and give the reader a better user experience.

4. Too many low-quality pages

Inexperienced SEO consultants are often seen suggesting that websites should have as many pages as possible.

However, focusing on too many pages may take away your attention from their quality. And that’s what Google checks for according to its Panda update.

It targets sites with low-quality content and penalizes them, thus reducing their rankings.

So, adding thousands of pages won’t be beneficial. Rather just a few high-quality pages will change your game.

5. Site migration without using redirects

Migrating your site in the absence of 301 or 302 redirects can cause a Herculean loss of visitors and backlink scores.

So, always update and cross-check that all your redirects are proper in use by analyzing your website server and creating reports.

6. Slow website

We all love speed, so do our website-visitors.

If your website does not open fast, you may have high chances of losing visitors, thus causing a bad-user experience.

The terrible experience will increase your website’s bounce rate and let Google know that your website isn’t good enough for users. Eventually, you will see a decrease in rankings and consequently, traffic on the site.

Some reasons for the slow-down of a website:
● Images not optimized
● High server response time
● Tons of plugins
● The website is not getting cached in the browser.

7. Not using meta tags.

Two main elements of meta tags are title and description, which help you rank in the SERP.

Any newbie SEO consultant can make this mistake of not adding meta tags to the websites. But the good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to add these.

8. Not using keywords in headings.

Headings catch the most attention when reading some content online. And this is true for both your readers and Google bots. Having keywords in the headings all through H1, H2, H3,…H8, will let Google bots know what your content is about. Thus, encouraging them to boost your rankings.

Bonus tip: Try adding the primary keyword in the first few lines as well, as they are the next ones to catch attention.

9. Content cannibalisation

Content cannibalization means optimizing multiple pages for the same keyword on your website. But this is a big mistake.

Content cannibalizing makes the search engine bots confused. They try ranking both pages, ending up with bad ranks for both.

To avoid cannibalization, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin, which will guide you on when the same keyword is overused on your website.

10. Ignoring local SEO

Local queries like restaurant search display on top of search results via Google Maps. This top-ranking hampers your rank on the first page.

To fix this mistake, you can create a Google My Business listing of your company and fill out the required information.

Additionally, you can optimize your landing pages and website with local SEO keywords via your Meta tags, H1 tags, URL, page content, and image alt description.

11. Missing alt description in images

Not adding alt descriptions can cause you to miss a substantial amount of image search traffic to your website. If you write the alt description, it guides the bots to analyze the purpose of the image and ranks it in the image search results.

12. Not researching the keywords according to the niche.

Researching your niche and keyword is the first step to your SEO management and planning. Insufficient research can lead you to no traffic and irrelevant visitors to your page.

An excellent yet free tool that can help you in this step is the Google Keyword Planner tool.

13. Optimising for short-tail keywords with way too high traffic

The one main reason to not target keywords with high search results is that these keywords are not specific and have vast content available for them from various websites.

Since the competition is high, there’s pretty little chance to get a good ranking that will help your visibility online.

14. Optimising for long-tail keywords with no traffic

Now, you know it’s better to be specific with keywords and avoid the short-tail ones. However, that doesn’t mean long-tail keywords with hardly any traffic are a better choice.

Optimizing your content according to such keywords will only mean a waste of time as no one is searching for too specific and long-tail terms.

15. Having an unresponsive (mobile) site

Most of the daily users search for queries through their mobile devices. And if your website is not responsive on these devices, you are losing a big part of search engine traffic through the bad user experience. This results in low traffic and terrible ranking.

16. Annoying users with numerous and sometimes unrelated pop-ups

Having way too many pop-ups on every page can cause a bad user experience. It causes a high bounce rate which affects your ranking on the SERP.

SEO consultants

17. Linking to untrusted sources

Getting your website linked to an untrusted source is a shameful SEO mistake. These are usually done when you get cheated by SEO agencies that use black-hat techniques.

There are tools to find out which sites you can trust but, they are not 100 percent accurate. That’s why we always suggest sending “nofollow” links to sites, which you are unsure of so that you don’t pass your website linking score. An experienced SEO consultant can save you from all the trouble.

18. Expecting fast results

Expecting immediate response to all your SEO efforts is going to push you towards the wrong attitude to reach your goals. And this eagerness to get results can even lead you to use a few of the black hat techniques. While you might see them as fruitful in the short term, they will indeed bring you a negative result due to regular Google checks.

19. Not tracking analytics

Tracking your website helps you understand your visitors better. It gives you access to their demographics, time of visit, and actions like bouncing off the site.

Knowing all this info can help you create and deliver better content. And this will help retain your existing visitors and in attracting new ones. All you need is a Google Analytics account to do so.

20. Not having an HTTPS site.

Having an SSL certificate and HTTPS site helps the user information to stay protected. This leads to gaining the trust of the users and improves their experiences on your website. Also, Google prefers to rank an HTTPS website higher than the others.

21. Using underscores in URLs

Underscores in the URLs makes it hard for the crawlers to understand what the content under it is all about. That’s why adding underscores is a bad practice. Try using URLs that are “readable” to humans.

22. Not having social elements of your business on the website.

Adding social elements shows your social reputation to the users and helps to get more shares of your product, service, or blog on those platforms. This helps to get a user-generated content promotion for your content. Hence, leading to better traffic.

Best SEO consultants in delhi

Those were the 22 top SEO mistakes you must avoid. The best way to stay clear from them is by giving the responsibility to a skilled and experienced SEO consultant.

If you are looking for SEO services in Delhi, then Creative Codec might be the best bang for your buck. Why not check out what our previous clients have to say for us, right away?

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