5 Reasons Why a Brand Should be on Instagram

Why a Brand on Instagram

One cannot deny the fact the Instagram is one of the most active and engaging social media platforms nowadays and most of the youth are using Instagram in their vacant times almost every day. The switch to Instagram has been so visible as the platform is way more advanced and attractive to the audience when social media platforms are looked upon and considered to be used.  Knowing why a brand should be on Instagram helps us to understand the need of the hour and make your decision correctly for a brand establishment.

Instagram was ideally made up to share photos, videos among people you like, know, celebrities, and people that you adore but now it is much more than just a platform to share pictures rather organizations use this platform to spread awareness, brands to promote their products and services, raising funds, etc.

The best part is that you can follow anyone you like and at the same time put up restrictions for people following you. The privacy part is extremely helpful and Instagram people make sure that you do not violate any community guidelines too. Below mentioned are the top 5 reasons why a brand should be on Instagram.

Brand Should be on Instagram

Most engaging platform:

Do you know that Instagram has reached 500 million users since its launch in 2010 which is a really good number when compared with other social media platforms? Most people nowadays have an Instagram account and look for brand pages before actually making a buy to authenticate the quality and this has been confirmed by most online buyers. Thus, being an extremely engaging platform, Instagram can help businesses to flourish in the most unexpected ways. If you also want to grow your business online, don’t forget to try your luck with Instagram.

Easy to approach and attract potential customers:

The ease of usage of the internet and interaction with people on social platforms has led us to the most promising platforms for expanding and exploring people of common interests. Instagram is a social platform where the youth is most active and shares their interests, photos, and relates to people having common choices. Instagram has over 1 billion million monthly users which makes it an amazing platform for brands to connect with their prospects in view of their choices, interests, and most importantly the approach provided by the platform. As compared to other marketing strategies, Instagram is the fastest and effective way of interacting with customers all across the globe and attracting potential customers due to its easy interface and working.

The customers can directly come in contact with the brand and explore the pages and links provided on the main page of an Instagram account, which helps brands to spread their brand without any restrictions of demographics.  Also, not to forget, shoppers turn to social media pages for references and reviews, having a good image of Instagram with positive reviews by the customers helps brands to build trust with their customers. Instagram is one of those social media platforms which is easy to approach and attract potential customers without any further ado.

Customer Engagement:

Instagram provides an opportunity for increased engagement with customers as the platform is extremely handy and approachable. Studies show that engagement with brands on Instagram is much more than Facebook and is expected to continue to grow in the coming times. You can reach your customers by posting online, using hashtags, introductory offers, and promotions on Instagram, and reach millions of people in no time. Out of the million users available on Instagram, finding the ones which your brand needs can be done by creating sufficient content, connecting with reliable third parties, social media influencers, choosing the right hashtags, can create a huge impact on business growth. In a recent study by Forrester Research, Instagram was shown to generate the highest engagement consumer-level amongst all other social media platforms. Isn’t it amazing?

Why a Brand Should be on Instagram

Instagram is a reliable platform:

Having an Instagram account totally assures a real and transparent presence online especially when it is a verified account.  When you are doing a business online, people tend to share feedbacks and reviews via posting or commenting on your posts which totally can help you reach more potential customers when the feedback is good. Whether you are a brand or a consumer, you need to provide details about yourself while creating your account. Especially for brands, it is of utmost importance to understand the customers reaching out to them, purchasing from them. Various mechanisms are in place to verify the authenticity of the users. Verified users are more trusted by brands and vice-versa and also can influence commoners to buy the products and services they purchase and reviews.

Networking at the most:

Instagram is a very useful networking tool and is thus used by brands to amplify their online reach. You can also reach people with a good number of influencers and help your product or service to get promoted via their feedbacks and reviews through stories and posts. The base of the promotion or campaigns by influencers is to get attention from the followers via their stories and posts and increase the traffic towards the brand. Small businesses often connect with influencers with similar feeds for barter or paid collaboration to put themselves in the plain sight of consumers and gain their interests.

Instagram brings an opportunity to businesses where your brand is in front of millions of people at the same time now and then. Don’t forget that the more you post for the product or service you offer, the more will it be seen and liked and the more are the chances of having it sold.

Using Instagram to amplify your business online can be a very good decision and is likely to bring unexpected results in no time with growth and a good online reputation.

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