1. Reversal of Sale and Purchase Only to Ex-Service Man:Complete reversal of the resolution passed by AGM held on 27.06.2020 regarding sale of property to Army Personnel and their kins only. This proposal adversely affects the market value of society flats by 15-20 Lacs. It has been passed ridiculously in the AGM represented by ONLY 41 Members out of 1010 Flats vicinity.
  2. Reduction in Maintenance: The Monthly Maintenance Charges was enhanced by Rs. 600/-.This will be roll back after due consideration.
  3. Reduction in Electricity Charges:Per Unit Electricity Charges will be reduced to Rs. 6.90/- Per Unit from present charges of Rs. 7.35 per/Unit.
  4. Hassle-freeRenting:Facility for owners residing out of city shall be provided with 7 Days brokerage charges if rented through registered property dealer of society. Physical presence of owner shall not be required. All the related paper work shall be carried out online. Interview committee shall be disband.
  5. Discounted Maintenance Charges during long Vacation: Currently,The Maintenance is being charged 100% for Flats locked during long vacation by the residents. During this period 20% Maintenance Charges shall be waived off.  
  6. Easy Access:Easy Access to AOA office required by resident/ outstation owner without any red tapism.
  7. DG SET Utilization to operate Air-conditioner:Optimal Utilization of DG SET, 3KW (Suitable for operation of One 1.5 Ton AC) Connection will be provided to resident on demand.
  8. Replacement of rusted pipeline:Replacement of rusted pipeline along with accessories on the roof top of each building and Water Tank.
  9. Carpenter Services: Carpenter Services shall also be provided to resident as we have provided earlier.
  10. Disband of Contractor: Contractor engaged by the society for operation work of electrical, plumber services will be disband and departmental work shall be carried out as done previously.
  11. Club Membership:Swimming Pool shall be made Free for all the residents without any discrimination.
  12. Elevated Shed for the Market: Elevated Shed for Market Area shall be built to protect from Sun and Rains.
  13. Open GYM: Open GYM shall be installed in appropriate location. No Charges shall be levied.
  14. Intercom Service: Intercom Service shall be provided to each and every flat along with free instrument.
  15. Face-lifting and Beautification: Face-lifting and Beautification of Common Area in each tower and main entry gate.
  16. Civil Repair:Efficient system for civil repair work like falling of Plaster/ Stone /Tile Replacement in common area.
  17. Attractive Lighting: Lighting shall be provided to make attractive Boundary walls/ Horticulture during night time to enhance the beauty of the society and it wil help in appreciation in value of property.  
  18. CCTV Surveillance: Proper CCTV Surveillance similar to other prominent housing Complex.
  19. Festival Celebration: All festivals like Holi, Diwali and All other big festival e.t.c. will be celebrated with enthusiasm as we did earlier
  20. Kids/ Fitness Classes: Professional coaching classes like Dance theatre, sports, Yoga, meditation etc. for all groups shall be organize as we organize earlier.
  21. Sanitization of Society: Sanitization of Society on weekly basis along with feasible arrangement for sanitization of individual houses.
  22. Website: Website shall be reinstated as earlier to provide/ share / facilitate residents about Society Information.
  23. SMS Facility: Shall also be reinstated for quick update about notices/ circulars/ Notification from society.
  24. Finance Disclosure: Monthly disclosure of Receipts and Payment of Society.
  25. Plantation of Tulsi, Giloy Tree e.t.c.:  Plantation of Tulsi, Allovera, Neem and Giloy or other Plants shall be planted and resident can allow picking and using specially during COVID-19.

Please Vote for us- To maintain dynamism in the society, we are all together with Energetic and Professional Team.

A. List of Proposed Candidates for New Management Committee:

Position Candidates Flat No.
President S K Nagpal (BE. Elect.) N-002
Vice-President Mr. Tarun Prabhat Goel  N-311
Secretary CA. Ankur Garg D-116
Treasurer CS. Aditya Rungta  Q-409

B. List of Proposed Member:

Member Anjali Agarwal K-305
Member Puneet Chauhan (BE)  P-304
Member Mrs. Kamlesh  I-504
Member Ravinder Kumar Rana  D-109
Member Mukul Singhal N-007
Member Gagandeep Chaswal A-009

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